Don & Marta Patten    Serving in Israel

Don & Marta Patten

Serving in Israel

Don and Marta’s February 2019 Newsletter

Joy in serving others!

Marta and I have had such joy in serving in Israel and I also traveled to Nigeria to encourage believers there.


In February, Marta and I were serving together in Israel, along with our friends, Vee, Donna, and Bruce.  Vee helped Marta with her ticket and Marta and Vee traveled together to serve in distributing handmade quilts made by the Sewing Klatch of CCCM and other groups of believers.  The quilts are sent over twice a year by Israel Food Outreach on shipping containers with dried soup mix for people in need. In January and February, we distributed 324 quilts to Holocaust survivors in four cities.  An additional 24 quilts were distributed to Holocaust survivors in a program to help them when they receive treatment in a hospital. The quilts represent the love and warmth of believers in Jesus for those that have suffered, they often say, “We have a blanket at home but these are so beautiful and to think that they are made especially for us is very touching.”


The quilts are sent over with photographs of the women who make them and we give them the photographs and books with testimonies of Jewish believers in Jesus.  It warms our hearts and theirs to be involved in such a touching outreach.

Marta and I are so delighted to serve with Bruce Becker and Donna Outt in distributing eyeglasses.  Bruce has taught me how to do eye exams using charts and one machine that determines the diopter the person’s existing eyeglasses.  From there we give them new eyeglasses for reading, for distance, and sunglasses. As you can see from the pictures, we also offer each person books with testimonies of faith in Jesus.  Among the Russian and Hebrew speakers we gave out between 2500 and 3000 books in 6 weeks of clinics. We assisted around 2900 Jewish people, most of them were Holocaust survivors. This ministry is in connection with the encouragement that they receive through Helping Hand Coalition and local congregations of believers.  At one congregation in Haifa, as we were distributing eyeglasses, 14 or 15 people prayed to ask God to forgive their sins and to follow Jesus as their Savior. We all had such joy as people experienced the Spirit of God giving them new spiritual life.

Marta prayed with Rudolf, he is very close to surrendering to the Lord.

 Eyeglasses for those that speak Arabic

This February we traveled to Bethlehem and to a village near Hebron and we distributed eyeglasses to about 400 people who speak Arabic.  Most of them were muslims but some were in a Christian ministry in Bethlehem. The glasses were received with thankfulness, we were able to pray for a few people.  There is a believer from Bethlehem, who is in full time ministry and will continue to share with those that we assisted.

We also received money from believers in Shanghai and in the U.S.A. and we were able to purchase over $4,800 dollars worth of wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.  They were primarily given to Holocaust survivors and some were given to younger people who had physical disabilities.

Marta returned to California and I traveled to Nigeria.

In 2009 Marta and I lived for 10 months in Nigeria, We assisted Pastor Prince Larwence and then helped Pastor Kefas Momoh to start Calvary Chapel in Aguda-Lagos, Nigeria.

The Lord provided for me to travel to Nigeria for 18 days.  Initially the plan was for me to encourage the believers and to share at a leadership conference.  In Nigeria it is common for unrest and violence during the time of elections. Just before I arrived the date of the presidential election was changed and the new dates created a potential security problem for the pastors who would be traveling.  As a result the decision was made to change the dates of the conference to March 21 to 24th. I spent two weeks in Lagos with Pastor Kefas and with Tina, his wife and their two children. I taught on two Sundays there, they have about 20 adults and 10 children that attend the services.   Kefas and Tina will soon start a discipleship school in their apartment where they live. They expect about 6 to 9 young men, some of who will be from a former muslim background. Pastor Kefas will take them through the whole Bible in about 7 months to help them prepare to serve in ministry.  Kefas and Tina will be sending out an email/ newsletter with prayer requests if you would like to receive it you can email him at:

I will share more about the trip to Nigeria in the next newsletter.

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  • Pray for those who received books in Israel to read them and to come to know Jesus.

  • Pray for Kefas and Tina in Lagos and for the church to grow and the young men to become mature in the Word of God.

  • Pray for Pastor Prince and for the leaders of the Calvary Chapels as they gather for the conference March 21 to 24th.

  • Pray for Jamie as this week they should set a date for a shoulder surgery.

  • Pray for us as we have been invited by Jed and Renee Gourley to travel to Tbilisi, Georgia and to serve in their church and ministry services as they travel this summer.

Thanks to all of you who are praying for us and helping us in practical ways.  I am using a different format this time in writing the newsletter, you can let me know if there are too many pictures or other comments.

Don, Pastor Kefas, and Tina Momoh

Don, Pastor Kefas, and Tina Momoh