Don & Marta Patten    Serving in Israel

Don & Marta Patten

Serving in Israel

We thank you for praying for us and for Jamie, this last month we have had times of encouragement and opportunities to serve.  In May, mother's are honored for the role that God has designed for them to have in all of our lives.  Jamie had strength to go with us to the Sunday morning church service and to share a meal together afterwards.  Jamie said, "God has heard my prayers, I have asked that I could have my mother here on Mother's day for many years so I could express my love for her."  Marta was touched with the flowers and gifts that Jamie gave her and also delighted that Jamie could join us in the worship service.  Jamie still has a PICC line and doctor is concerned that her stomach is not healing.  She has H. Pylori bacteria that are causing ulcers and she is scheduled for an endoscopy in a few days and also another MRI for her shoulder injury.

Please continue to pray for Jamie.

Jamie suffered with a tooth infection and through our previous newsletter a friend recommended that Jamie be treated by her sister who is a dentist.  We are thankful for Dr. Jana Tran that completed the root canal and crown.  She assisted Jamie in signing up for supplemental insurance and the procedure was successful.


We are thankful for opportunities to serve as we are here.

I recently taught at Calvary Chapel of the Harbour, as Pastor Joe Pedick was struggling with poor health, it is always humbling to prepare and to share from God's word.  I will also teach at a men's meeting there on June 9th.  We were also invited to travel to Morro Bay and I taught at Shoreline Calvary on May 27th.  It was an encouraging weekend as we were able to see family in that area and to see those that have served with us in Ukraine and in Israel.  On May 25th we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  There is joy in our hearts that the Lord has worked in and through our lives over the years.  We are thankful that we have friends and family that have expressed such love and support to us while we have served overseas and while we are back in California during this season. 

This picture is in the location where we were married in 1997.

Pray for Paul and Teri, who are traveling to serve in Malawi for the month of July. 

We also would like to share of the Lord's faithfulness to us. We mentioned a few months ago that we were praying for wisdom about purchasing a used car.  We can see the Lord's favor in the circumstances.  First, a couple from Australia, that we have never met, and a family in Israel provided enough money for us to purchase a used car.  Then the family who is hosting us in their house, gave one of their cars to their daughter's family and we in turn bought from them a 2007 Toyota Camry that they no longer needed.  It is in good condition and they sold it at a reduced price, which matched the amount that had been given to us for a car.  

The Lord has provided for me to make a trip to Israel from June 25th to July 20th.  While in Israel, our friend Bruce and myself, will be conducting eyeglasses clinics.  We estimate that we will be able to provide eyeglasses for around 750 Holocaust survivors.  Each time we travel to cities and elderly hostels where we have not distributed in the past.  This time we will also distribute for one day among Israeli Bedouins.  It is already exciting to see all the plans come together for this trip.

Pray for Galina, she is a believer and her husband, who was a Holocaust survivor recently died.  She said that he was trusting in Jesus and praying with her, we have know them since 2013, Galina is praying that a room in an hostel will open up for her. 

Next week I will travel to Gleanings for Hungry.  It is a ministry that sends over shipping containers full of bags of soup mix to Israel.  Israel Food Outreach partners with them to collect and send handmade quilts over to Holocaust survivors.  We have been helping to distribute the soup mix and quilts for a few years so it will be nice to visit Gleanings for the Hungry and to see their facility and learn more of how they assist people around the world.

Thank you for praying for us, thank those of you that help us financially, we are very touched and encouraged to continue to serve the Lord.

  • Pray for Jamie's health
  • Pray for us as we assist her and as we travel on the highways
  • Pray for the trip to Israel
  • Pray for the hearts of the Holocaust survivors to be open to faith in Jesus
  • Pray for the Lord to direct and guide us

Thank you, 

Don and Marta Patten