Don & Marta Patten    Serving in Israel

Don & Marta Patten

Serving in Israel

We would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and that each of us would live in thankfulness for Jesus coming to earth and saving us through His love.  We also would like to express thankfulness to you for praying for us and the various ways that we are serving.  In this past year we have seen the Lord direct us and strengthen us.  One answer to prayer has been that Jamie's health has improved.  She was at the beginning stages of kidney failure this summer and just last week the kidney specialist doctor confirmed that her kidneys have responded to the treatment and are back in the norm.  We were so grateful to God.  She is still having some digestive problems and another doctor did an endoscopy a few days ago and he knew of her kidney problems and when she told him that she was back at the normal kidney functions the doctor said, "It is a miracle, someone with your condition could have eventually been put on dialysis".

Jamie is still suffering with pinched nerves in her neck, shoulder, and arms.  At this time she is not supposed to work or drive. Because of her condition, Marta and I will continue to assist her in California and we will continue to make trips to serve in Israel and in any area that the Lord directs us to.  We are thankful that Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa will continue to support us and forward to us the support given from individuals that desire to help us.  Both Marta and I will travel to Israel in January.  I will leave first on January 9th to assist in a large clinic in Haifa.  Global Aid Network (GAiN) has invited me to serve with them as they are bringing a huge shipping container of wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and eyeglasses to assist Holocaust survivors and those in need.  They will first be distributing an additional container of medical supplies in Jericho among those who speak Arabic, then they will distribute in Haifa among the Russian and Hebrew speaking Jews.  It is an honor to be able to help so many people.  In Haifa we expect to help over 1,000 people during the week of the clinic and then some of us will stay and conduct eyeglasses clinics and distribute handmade quilts to Holocaust survivors.  During the times of distribution we make books available that have testimonies of Jewish people who have become believers.  Marta will travel with a lady named Vee at the end of January and stay through half of February to help distribute the eyeglasses and the quilts.  The quilts are made by believers in the U.S. and Israel Food Outreach has sent a container of bags of soup mix and of quilts over to Israel.  Truly, the Lord is at work in Israel.

Pray for strength as we serve in the upcoming clinics, pray for soft hearts that people will receive the books and follow Jesus as their savior.

While we were in Israel in November we were able to meet and encourage a Jewish pastor who has started a new congregation in Beersheba.  He and his wife were originally from Cuba.  Pastor Eliseo was a medical doctor in Cuba and a pastor.  He is leading the new congregation in Beersheba for about 5 months now and the CC Downey outreach group treated them to a joint lunch and time of fellowship.  Pastor Eliseo is a good example since he has not been able to re-certify as a doctor in Israel, so he is working to support his family and the church by cleaning houses.  Marta and I have been encouraging Spanish speakers in Beersheba for quite a few years and we are happy that they have a man who will lead them with a sincere heart to see Israelis grow in faith in Jesus.  We plan to continue to visit them as our friends Myra and Rolando are serving together with them.  Pray for the Lord to provide for and protect this new congregation in Beersheba.

After I serve in Israel with Global Aid Network in January and serve with Helping Hand Coalition in the distribution of the various items in January and February, I am delighted to share that the Lord gave me favor to find a way to travel to Nigeria for only $300 dollars more than the airline ticket to Israel.  It has been in my heart to go and encourage Pastor Kefas Momoh and the believers there.  We served in Calvary Chapel of Abuja in 2009 and then from there we helped Kefas go and start Calvary Chapel in the Aguda region of Lagos, Nigeria.  Pastor Kefas and his wife, Tina, have been praying to start a discipleship Bible training course for believers who come from a muslim background.  I am going to carry some ministry supplies and some practical things like hand crank lights and other battery operated things as they do not have more than 4 hours of electricity in a day.  I will be in Nigeria for 3 weeks.  If you would like to pray and in some way bless them that would be wonderful.  Perhaps you might receive a gift of some sort and have something small that you are no longer going to use, it may be that I can carry it over as a blessing to those that do not have as much.  Kefas and TIna also need to pay to get passports and visas as they may be able to travel to a Calvary Chapel ministry conference in North Carolina (there is a way to them give through the CC Fellowship of Winston Salem) contact me for details.

Marta and I are so grateful to all who have prayed for us, given us lodging, shared a meal with us, and have helped in many practical ways.  We do not know who helps us financially so we do not write individually to say thank you, however we are so encouraged by the assistance.  

  • Pray that we are led by God in the various ways He wants us to serve in 2019.

  • Pray for the upcoming trip to Israel and Nigeria, I will be traveling for two months and living simply.  Pray for safety and good health.

  • Pray for Marta and she assists Jamie and then as she travels to Israel Jan. 26 to Feb. 16th.

  • Pray for complete healing for Jamie, pray that her workman's comp legal case is resolved soon and to her favor.

  • Pray for Kefas and Tina to have the provisions to start the discipleship school for former muslims.

  • Pray that Kefas and Tina will receive passports and visas to travel to the ministry conference in May.

Join us in thanking the Lord for His faithfulness and provision in our lives.

Merry Christmas and God's rich blessings to you in 2019!

Don and Marta Patten