Pieces of the Puzzle

“Jesus said to them, ‘Have you understood all these things?’ They said to Him, 'Yes, Lord.’” Matthew 13:51

The question Jesus asked, “Have you understood all these things?” can also be translated, “Have you rightly put all these things together?” As we’ve been going through the parables, we’ve learned the disciples didn’t understand everything Jesus taught them. The same can be said of Jesus’ disciples today. The reason many lack understanding is because it takes a great deal of time to put all the pieces of the parables together. To fully understand them you must take pieces of the Old Testament and fit them together with pieces of the New Testament.

Last weekend I stayed with some friends in their home. In their family room was a huge puzzle laid out on the table only partially done. The borders were finished but the inside was empty with little puzzle pieces scattered all around. I asked who was working on the puzzle and was told that the whole family was working on it. I asked how long they had been working on it and they responded, “A long time!”

As I thought about their response, I considered how Jesus wants us to understand God’s truth. He wants us to know that in order to be able to put all the pieces together it requires the whole family working together. It is a lifelong process that can’t be rushed. The best way we can come to an understanding of God’s will is to come together and put all the pieces of God’s truth together throughout the Bible. Then, once we come to a greater understanding of God’s will, we will begin to experience His presence in a greater way.

Hey family! Join us Wednesday night as we continue to put together all the pieces of the parables at the Portillo’s house at 6:30pm. God bless you all and hope to see you there!