NCL's 13th Anniversary This Sunday!


Good morning NCL family,

As I was sitting at my desk wondering what I could share about our 13th anniversary this Sunday the only thing that came to mind is, “Oh no, 13! That’s not good. Everyone knows what that means. We’re doomed! It’s over! I guess I should prepare my last sermon ever in Newport Coast.” Isn’t it funny how humans can take a little number like 13 and make it an evil thing? Though this may be the world’s view of the number 13, it certainly isn’t the biblical view. I discovered the number 13 in the Bible refers to an amazing blessing from God.

In the story of Abraham and Sarah we learn God came to Abraham and told him one day he would be the father of many nations and that from his family would come kings and rulers of many nations as well as the Messiah. God promised these things even though Abraham and his wife were old and childless. These promises didn’t happen immediately. In fact, it seemed to take so long that they took matters into their own hands and when Abraham was 86 years old he had a child named Ishmael with Hagar, Sarah’s slave girl. It wasn’t until Abraham was 99 years old that God once again gave him the promise and less than a year later Sarah gave birth to Isaac. I am not the best at math, but it appears there was a 13 year gap between the first and second promise.

I am so blessed by what this 13 year promise symbolizes. It reveals to us that all good things are initiated by God and are given to us to bring blessing and change to our lives. It reminds us that what is impossible for man to accomplish is possible for God. It encourages us that God will accomplish His promises regardless of our circumstances. Although He presented His promise to Abraham during a difficult time, after 13 years He turned their greatest sorrows into immense joy. The number 13 brings excitement and anticipation of what’s to come.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate 13 years as NCL Church! For worship we will have our entire band playing, and for the message we will be having a few of our congregants share their testimonies of how God turned their sorrows into great joy during these last 13 years.


We are having a potluck so bring your favorite dish to share and invite a friend or family member to join us as this will be a great day of fellowship! God bless you all and hope to see you there!