Be Trustworthy

“Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’” Matthew 5:37

The devotional for Sunday’s message is a very simple one. As Christians, we need to be trustworthy. We need to keep our word. We know this issue is close to our Savior’s heart or else He wouldn’t have included it in His Sermon on the Mount. All of the practical teachings within the Sermon on the Mount are given to us in order to shape us into Christ’s image and set us apart from the ways of the world.  

What better way to be different than the world than to be trustworthy? As the amount of deception in our world grows more and more out of control, we are called to simply be honest and genuine. We aren’t to look for ways to avoid commitment, nor are we to look for ways to break the commitments we’ve already made. While many people in the world can’t be trusted, let’s answer the call of Christ and be people that can be trusted. It will bring Him honor and glory.

Join us Sunday as we open Matthew 5:33-37 for a practical reminder to “Be Trustworthy”. God bless you all and hope to see you there!