Our Position in the Kingdom

“And the Lord also delivered… And the Lord delivered… The Lord God of Israel fought for Israel… I will deliver all of them… And the Lord delivered them.” Joshua 10:30, 32, 42; 11:6, 8

We have come to a section of the book of Joshua that summarizes Israel’s conquests of faith in the southern and northern cities of Palestine. As I was reading through this section this morning, the five verses above jumped off the page and into my heart as I was continually reminded, “The Lord delivered all of them.”

Nearly every time Joshua went into battle he began with prayer. The two times he didn’t it caused him great despair. It was during Joshua’s prayer time that the Lord gave him his marching orders. Joshua obeyed and the Lord gave him victory over the enemy.

Many Christians today are trying to fight the enemy in their own strength. As a result they are experiencing great stress. Are you striving to figure out a way to fight the enemy? Are you feeling stressed out? If so, prayer will change all of that. It is during our prayer time that the Lord will reveal to you what to do. He has promised to deliver you. “May God Himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

Join us Wednesday night as we overview Joshua 10:29-13:1 and take a look at the very important topic of “Our Position in the Kingdom”.

Also, it is Alanis’ birthday and Perla has invited us all to come at 5:30 to celebrate and eat pizza! Hope to see you there.